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Justin Tyler (sometimes known as Moksha Gren) is a new music junkie and has been for most of his life.

Through high school and college he felt that his excellent taste in music was a defining characteristic of his being that needed to brought up at every opportunity. Now entering his 40s, he realizes that young Justin was an idiot. He still loves to discover new music, loves to spotlight the artists that make music that excites him, and loves to share that music with others in any way he can.  But, he’s no longer convinced that his taste in music is better than yours.

Since 2013 he has served as co-founder and curator of the music discovery website

In 2014 he began that website’s Pruning Session podcast which ran for 2 years before splitting the two ventures by creating the Song Spotters music discovery podcast.

His philosophy is to listen to each track as if it’s SOMEONE’s favorite song…to listen mindfully before deciding if it’s worth passing along to the audience of Song Spotters. Justin is one of the owners of local St Charles business Floyd Glass & Window where he subjects his employees to a dizzying array of often not-work-appropriate music. At home he continues the trend by inflicting his music immersion on his wife, Meg and his children Norah and Dean.




Co-Founder and curator at Lyrical guru and all around lovable curmudgeon hailing from the musical Mecca of Minneapolis, MN.


Former co-host of Song Spotters and prominent member of the St Louis music scene. He’s a sucker for a good hook and a well-crafted ear worm. Give him a solid Verse/Chorus/Verse and he’s in heaven.