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Typically, I pick the songs I spotlight from the Fresh Cuts new music playlist I help curate at So that means I don’t even start weighing my favorites until the full album has been released. I like it that way for a variety of reasons. I do get quite a bit of email from small record labels and marketing type folks. I usually ignore them..for a variety of reasons.

I make exceptions though. When Jamie Halliday emails me a new artist…I pay attention.

Jamie runs the very best bedroom based music label in the known universe: Audio AntiHero whose tagline is “Specialists in Commercial Suicide.

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My Band is a Computer


From his spare bedroom in London, he hand selects quirky, lo-fi artists with not a single thought to whether or not the albums will sell. He just wants to help music he loves see the light of day. It’s a passion project and that’s exactly what makes ME love it too.

For his newest project, Jamie is spinning off a new imprint for the AudioAntihero label. That imprint Old Money Records will be, if anything…an even greater charge toward commercial suicide in that it focuses on releasing music that has already existed in the public sphere but never in a fully released sort of way. For instance, the inaugural release under this imprint will be New York based singer/songwriter Charles Griffin Gibson who records under the moniker…CHUCK . Just CHUCK. The songs on the new album “My Band is a Computer” are a sort of greatest hits from CHUCK’s Bandcamp page. He wasn’t even looking for a record deal, Jamie Halliday found his music and decided it needed a proper release.

And I agree. It fits Audio Antihero’s lo-fi crooner motif. Jamie himself refers to the music as “divisive” and CHUCK calls his music “Eclectic weird kid alt. pop from Brooklyn”. All that stacks up to collection of music that wouldn’t exists in it’s current form without the passion and drive of Jamie Halliday. And I’m thrilled that it DOES exist. The album is simple, honest, vulnerable and beautiful. It’s not for everyone, but it’s the kind of project that makes me single out Jamie Halliday’s emails for deeper exploration.

I was fortunate enough to sit down and chat with CHUCK via Skype recently.

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