Future Generations “Thunder in the City”

The freshly graduated college friends from Fordham University that form the band Future Generations make cleanly produced indie pop in the vein of MGMT. It’s that same catchy high pitched synth hooks blended with smooth laid back vocals.

The guys first met in the practice room of their college, recording a spontaneous song on the spot the same day they me and continued bond over what they call a “ a nerd-like, academic appreciation of all forms of pop music.”

Future Generations
“Thunder in the City”
Future Generations

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Through their time at college they kept crafting their nerdy pop music so that by the time they graduated, they had an album’s worth of music which Frenchkiss Records was more than happy to release.

I’m not spotlighting these guys because they’ve broken some mold or are charting unknown paths through the musical landscape. No… The music follows recognizable pop patterns. And the lyrics are exactly what you’d expect from young men about to enter the…grown up world. The lyrics “ reflect the struggle with finding individual meaning in an infinitely large world and sharing those anxieties with loved ones.”

This is stuff that’s been done, and will be done again. But, there’s a place for craftsmanship in my heart. They’re working for a formula that for me hasn’t gotten stale yet and they are doing it exceedingly well.

Yeah, it sounds like music made by East coast college kids. Because they’re east Coast college kids. And this is really good East Coast college kid music, made with enough skill, attention to detail, and honest emotion that I’m VERY interested in where this band goes.

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