Melissa Goodwin Shepherd “Be Still”

Melissa Goodwin Shepherd is a stop motion animator (on such projects as Robot Chicken) She’s a voice over artist (see again Robot Chicken but also films like Zootopia). And only then do we get to the reason I became aware of her…the music.

Melissa Goodwin Shepherd
“Be Still”

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I love artists that have their hands in multiple mediums. With so many creative outlets, the creative mind can sort of cross-pollinate to some extent. The mix of puppeteering and music certainly makes me think of TuneYards and Merril Garbus. But…musically they’re worlds apart. So ignore that. Don’t think about Merril Garbus. It’s even totally different types of puppets. Completely unrelated.

As a fun little bit of trivia to consider about Melissa Goodwin Shepherd that is equally irrelevant to her music…she’s Snow White’s sister. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit this but i actually discovered this one on my own. While listening through the Fresh Cuts playlist to pick my favorite new music of the weekI noticed the name Goodwin. I looked at Melissa’s facial features on her album cover and wondered if there was a connection to Ginnifer Goodwin who as EVERYONE knows plays Snow White on ABCs “Once Upon a Time” every..everyone knows that right? Well I DID. And I was right. Snow White’s sister.

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