New Format and Podcast Update

Welcome BACK to Song Spotters. It’s been awhile since our last episode and before we launch back into new episodes I wanted to take a moment to tell you what’s happened while we were away.

First, the bad news. The grueling schedule of keeping up with the newest releases has ground yet another poor co-host into dust. First Jesse, and now Adam. That’s right, Adam has stepped down as co-host of Song Spotters. I have every expectation that he’ll be back from time to time as his life allows, but the weekly grind was too much for him and his family. Believe me, i get that.

I could scramble and try to find a new co-host. But to tell the truth, I’m hesitant to rope someone else into this gig that seems to ask far too much of my friends. So I’m going it alone. Just me, the mic and endless torrent of new music.

So what does that mean? Well, first of all it means that this show is no longer 2 guys talking about music. Which creates a thematic issue between solo podcaster me and my network 2GuysTalking. Because of this, and because future episodes are going to be a bit more experimental in approach as you the listener, and me the host figure out the new shape of the podcast…Song Spotters has parted ways on friendly terms with the 2GuysTalking podcast network. We recorded 26 episodes with Mike and that network and we’re still very proud of every one of them. And they will still be available through his rss feed.

What else? We’ve got a snazzy new logo designed just for us by Chris Postill over at Sounds Like An Earful Studios. He’s launching a whole suite of podcasts and podcast services, so definitely check out his work.

Also, since I’m not convinced you want to hear me monologue for 40 minutes about 5 songs at a time, Song Spotters is switching formats (this gets into the experimental bit). Each episode will be just one song, but I’ll release them as frequently as possible. I’m currently aiming for between 2 and 4 a week. We’ll see what feels right. Sometimes it will just be me, a 5 minute biographical intro to the band, and a 30 second clip. But I’m trying to add in new voices as well. So I’m reaching out to fellow music heads to see if they want to chat about a song or two. I’m reaching out to my friends and family to see if they want to jump in to make the show a dialogue. And I’m reaching out to the bands to see if i can incorporate artist conversations and full songs on the show rather than just a clip. So, each episode will be different depending on a lot of variables. But I’m going to do my best to make each episode entertaining, and I’m looking to you for help in that.

When I opted to re-structure this as a solo podcast, I wondered if I should change the name, Song Spotters implies more than one Spotter. But i’m keeping it, and here’s why. If this is just me talking into a microphone…there’s no point in it. I have to believe that this is a joint effort between me and you. If you just listen and check out the tunes I recommend, congratulations, you’re a Song Spotter. Even better though, if you jump in this thing and tell me what you’re digging. Make this the dialogue that it should be. Then you are definitely a Song Spotter.
More than ever before, I’m open to and very interested in your opinions. As I try new formats, let me know what’s working for your ears or what your ears would rather me do.

But one way or the other, I’m going to continue to spotlight the best new music I find. So there will always be that.

Next point: RSS FEEDS

If you’re still subscribed to this show on the old Pruning Session rss, you should switch over to the new Song Spotters rss as the Pruning Session feed will be shutting down. If you’re subscribed to the show using the 2GuysTalking feed, then stay subscribed there for a while longer. There are 5 more episodes in post production there that will be released in the near future. (But also subscribe to the new rss as the solo episodes will only be available through the new rss)

I think that covers the basics. The rss changed, the format changed…but it’s still the same ol’ me, the same ukelele theme by Matt O, and the same dedication to bringing your attention to the very best and most underappreciated new music out there.

For the Song Spotters music discovery podcast, I’m Justin Tyler…STILL helping you spot your next favorite artist.

2 thoughts on “New Format and Podcast Update

  1. Bill McCann Reply

    I can’t say I’m happy with the changes as I really liked the old format. The length of the show was perfect for my workouts … which I guess is selfish on my part. Regardless, I’ll give the new show a try as I have yet to find another way to discover new music. BTW, since you are only reviewing one song each show, what is preventing you from playing the entire song? I can see why you’d want to play a clip and then speak to it, but it would be excellent if the episode ended with the complete piece of music.

  2. SongSpotters Post authorReply

    Bill, thanks for responding!

    To the episode length, I wrestled with it for quite some time. I like the 30 to 40 minute run time of the previous format as well. It allowed me to stitch together attention-getting bigger named artists with smaller artists to create an incentive for listeners to explore both sides of the music landscape. i have a fear that with the current format, folks will skip episodes for artists they have never heard of…which defeats the purpose. On the other hand, each artist gets their own special spotlight…so that’s a bonus. And without a co-host, me talking for 30 to 40 minutes seemed….well, not fun for me or the poor listener. In then end, I opted to try something new. Bite size spotlights. There are some longer episodes coming. Conversations with artists and such. i’ll try to keep things fluid.

    As to song clips, you are right. After I recorded the original 6 episodes of the new format, the very same thought occurred to me. i have since started contacting the artists to get permission to play the full songs. Without express permission I don’t want to do more than needed to showcase the song. Usually that’s between 30 to 45 seconds. My reasoning is 2 fold. A) I don’t want to get sued and B) I respect the intent of the Fair Use doctrine and want to adhere to its principles as much as possible. I want my show to always be seen as a clear an obvious good thing for the artists i feature. And if the argument can be made (even if unconvincingly) that I’m using their hard work just to gather attention for my project…then I’m doing it wrong.

    That said, nearly everyone i have spoken with has been more than happy to give permission for full song plays, so future episodes will have more full songs. But some artists didn’t respond and for them, we’ll all have to deal with shorter clips out of respect for my financial well-being and their artistic rights.

    One final thing. If you are looking for more music, don’t forget the playlists I curate over at between the Fresh Cuts (full fire hose level of new music overload) to the Curator Picks (our top tens) there is never ending spring of new music.

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