The Avalanches “Frankie Sinatra”

16 years is a long time to work on an album. And MOST the examples I can think of that took that long…didn’t benefit from that extra incubation time. BUUT, there are exceptions. And I’m happy to spotlight one such exception on this episode.

When the Australian duo of Robbie Chater and Tony Di Blasi released their debut album as The Avalanches back in made waves. That album “Since i Left you” was named the #4 best Australian album of all times. Pitchfork named it the #10 album of the decade. And tons of others heaped additional mountains of praise on the album. And then…nothing. For 16 years nothing but talk and rumors and promises.

But now, just when we’d all given up they’ve rolled out their new album “Wildflower” and it’s REALLY good.

“Frankie Sinatra” from their new “Wildflower” album was featured on Audio Bonsai’s Listening Post 16.28. Be sure to check out all the other tracks that are featured there that we just didn’t have time to make podcasts for.

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The Avalanches
“Frankie Sinatra”


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