Trevor Sensor “When Tammy Spoke to Martha”

It’s important to note right off the bat that Trevor Sensor has… a horrible voice. I’m not insulting him…he’ll tell you the same. And he takes a perverse pride in it, using it to make what he calls “ugly music”

Sensor himself describes it this way in a interview:
Back in the day, it used to be about how much soul you had in a song and what you were trying to say. I think now we’ve made a lot of things very plastic, and it’s all about, “Is it pretty? Does it make me feel good?” I’m not really into that. I’m more interested in making people think or challenging people or making things that are ugly. I view my music as very ugly, and I like it that way.

Trevor Sensor
“When Tammy Spoke To Martha”
Starved Nights of Saturday Stars

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