William Ryan Fritch “Entirety”

There are times when words just no longer mean what they used to..leaving us with a linguistic void when we need to a word to mean what an overused word USED to mean. For instance “prolific”. It means releasing a lot of content. But we talk about an artist being “prolific” when they release an album a year. And that IS a fast pace.

But, What then to do when it’s time to talk about San Fransisco’s Psych-Folk composer William Ryan Fritch? He’s averaging 3 albums a year. 3 full albums a year. Hell, the track I’m talking about on this episode is from an album released on May 20…and he’s already released that album’s follow-up. It is seriously head spinning amounts of music.

And that’s one thing if the music is disposable, or simple, or just not very good in some way. But Fritch’s music is…well..none of those things. It’s weighty, significant and complex.

“Entirety” from his new “New Words for Old Wounds” album was featured on Audio Bonsai’s Listening Post 16.29. Be sure to check out all the other tracks that are featured there that we just didn’t have time to make podcasts for.

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William Ryan Fritch
New Words for Old Wounds


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